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Perversions in bed and a happy family life! Is this normal?

What happens if a Girl Fills a Guy's Ass with different Foods and makes him Cum?

It is a pity that our society divides sex into "normal" sex and "perversion". The first is encouraged in every possible way in society, is considered the norm, and the second is considered shameful and condemned.

As a result of this opinion of people, millions of people never realize their fantasies, fetishes and live extremely miserable lives. Those desires that nature has laid in us must find their realization. Otherwise, they accumulate and spill out into aggression on the nearest people.

For example, a husband secretly fantasizes about being rimmed by his wife. He is afraid to tell her about it, because in many families there is no trust. The husband is afraid that, having learned about his fantasies, the wife will divorce him.

Men are afraid to speak their fantasies, afraid that his wife will think that he is gay. Women are afraid to speak their fantasies, fearing that men will consider her too lustful and easily accessible.
As a result, each of the partners restrains their fantasies. Year. Two. Ten years. Twenty years old. As a result, a person accumulates a certain inner resentment towards life, because a person does not feel free, realized, happy. And this resentment is most often expressed in aggression.

Many families or couples step over this fear, decide to try something new, and thus take the first step towards a happy married life. Others, for the rest of their lives, or marriage, endure discomfort.

Therefore, the first rule of a happy family is trust and openness. If one of the spouses hides their fantasies, over time it begins to spoil the relationship. And it is not always possible to understand what the reason is.
A woman may think that a man swears because he works hard, because there are many worries, because he gets tired. But often, in fact, the reason is that he simply cannot realize his fantasies about which he has been thinking from the first day of his adult life.

There are thousands of sites that talk about what men secretly mark, what women secretly dream about. But most of these tutorials are nonsense. All people are different and everyone's fantasies are completely different. And the surest way to understand what fantasies your partner has is not to read websites, but to talk. Just talk to him and make it clear that you can be trusted. Make it clear that you will not laugh, shame him, but try to have fun with him. After all, this is the meaning of the relationship. Being together and doing things together.

And we want to wish all of you strong relationships, strong families and trust, on which happy families are built!



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