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Why aren't you answering me messages I write to you on a free porn site?
- Many people write us private messages referring to our actors. We are very grateful to you. And we see a lot of nice words. But our actors do not have access to private messages and they simply do not see them. If you want to say something to them, do it in the comments to the video, then they will see it.

I want to meet you and have sex!
-Unfortunately, people write like that very often. But we are not a brothel, we do not provide sex services and we do not have sex for money. We make movies. If you want to find sex for money, you might want to visit themed sites.

Can I take part in your filming?
- If you are ready to do it openly, without hiding your face, if you are ready to fill out contracts and provide all the necessary documents, then write to us on Twitter and we may come up with something.

Why did you add me as a friend, but do not reply to messages?
- We pay $50 to a person who regularly visits and approves ALL friend requests. These can be sites where you can watch our content for free or social networks. We do not review every page that sends a friend request. We understand that there are many people who add as friends so as not to miss new videos or they just enjoy having us as friends. And that's great. But if on one of dozens of sites our account has accepted your friend request, this does not mean that we have looked at your profile or we have personal sympathy. We approve all friend requests.

Why do you rarely reply to comments?
- There are sites on which we simply do not see comments, but often we simply do not have enough time. We want to make more content. And we are sure many of you would prefer more films than we would spend time on social media. We communicate by means of art and this is much more powerful.

And yet, where can I write so that you can see?
- You can write to us on Twitter by starting your message with "@KinkyHome" and we will definitely answer you. It may take time, but we will try to do it.

Why was I banned?
- Probably you wrote offensive things in relation to one of the actors, or to some group of people. We will not welcome any insults to anyone.

Do you read the comments?
- We try to read comments and listen to constructive criticism to those sites to which we have access.

How can I help you?
- You can order a custom video with your spirited imagination, or make a donation.



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